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   "Dr Skiffington is recognized as the world's leading authority and
    educator in behavioral-based, professional leadership coaching
     -2006 I.C.Conference




"We don't want to be recognized as the biggest coach educator, only the best."

"Our mission is to enable people and organizations to realise their full potential." 
- Dr Skiffington




Board of Directors:
Executive Director: Perry Zeus.
Founding D
irector of Education:
Suzanne Skiffington, Ph.D
Director of International Programs: Kathryn M. Jones, Ph.D.
Director of International Research: Ephrem Fernandez,Ph.D.
Officers and Staff:
Client Services Manager: Micheal Dupree
Business Manager: Marcus Jordan 
Admissions Coordinator: Natalie Johnson
Research and Development and Publications Coordinator: Michelle Walker
Event Coordinator: Lisa Adams
Board of Professional Advisors and Consultants: 
Chaired by -Ethics Advisor; Denise Skiffington, BMBS.M.A.


The Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI -our parent organization and a research and educational institution) 
- The Institute is engaged in teaching, research and development and publishing of the highest quality across the field of
leadership and executive coaching
. BCI has established a number of key structural units to pursue specialist depth
 of expertise, knowledge creation and teaching in key activities
. As the Institute's Director of Learning and Development, Dr
 Skiffington assists in the ongoing learning and development of a client's coaching staff and programs with a global delivery
 program from
Australia to
the UK to Canada to Singapore to the USA.


BCI's Research Activities and International Schools :
Research Activities
The Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (a non-for-profit research organization) -Dr Skiffington has personally trained an elite international team of leading coaching educators and practitioners who are engaged in ongoing research and development.

Research and Development
  - The Institute is committed to research and the dissemination of information through the publication of books and articles.
     - We constantly refine our curriculum, models and tools so our graduates can stay way ahead of their competition.
     - We use an extremely rigorous scientific approach to research, develop, test and validate coaching principles, models,
       techniques and tools. To find the hard data studies we continually look at hundreds of research studies

International Schools
The Graduate School of Global Leadership (marketed as AAA Coaching Partners via the internet -is a private learning
 institution, providing invitational courses to qualified persons only) The School is the global leadership education arm of the
 Behavioral Coaching Institute.
The Graduate School delivers customized, 'world-best standard' global leadership coach training courses around the world to select individual and organizational clients.

 The School provides a rigorous, personalized educational experience for busy professionals with demanding schedules by
 providing a custom designed, focused, short-course structure.
The School's niche one-to-one teaching and customized course
 format is unique in the world of professional coach education.

Unlike most other mass-market oriented providers, the Graduate School does not provide a "cookie cutter" training program or shallow or prescriptive education. As a private learning institution providing personalized, customized learning, the School also aims to remain small enough so it is able to develop a long term personal and professional relationship with its graduates.

Dr. Skiffington's respect for: the values of education, personal responsibility and coaching's accountability to clients is deeply
embedded in the philosophy of the Institute. The School's 'world-class' standards reflect a fundamental difference in what we do
and how we do it compared with anyone else.

The Graduate School of Master Coaches. The institute's second School certifies qualified professionals as Master Coaches
and provides expert instruction on how to establish a successful business coaching practice or program.
The Graduate School's
Masters-Level Coach Training Course uses a unique 'one-to-one' individualized/customized approach to learning.

Dr Skiffington (see below page) -The Graduate School's Founding Director:  
"All coaches do not have to be psychologists. However, coaching is change and change is a psychological process. The coach
needs to understand the psychological aspects of coaching and be confident and competent to deal with these. To do so requires
personalized training and supervision by a clinician/experienced coach/trained educator."

Today, Dr Skiffington Graduate School's attract the best students from all around the world and celebrates a growing list of successful and influential alumni.

-First and foremost the Behavioral Coaching Institute is a private educator but we are also:
1) - the world's major developer of leading-edge, psychological-based coaching tools and techniques and spend over 50%
      of our revenues on research and development (our graduate coaches have immediate access to the newest validated,
      behavioral-based learning and change tools, techniques and materials available.) -and-

2) - The institute is also an advisor to industry groups, professional development associations, private and public learning
      institutions and government agencies in matters relating to the development of the professional coaching industry and
      credentialing issues

The professional education for coaches falls into two categories - those qualified individuals aspiring to become coaches and
practising coaches. 
The School provides a modularised course which is tailor made to suit each participant's
level of professional development.

    -Dr. Skiffington's Graduate School of Global Leadership:

  • is committed to maintaining its position as the world's leading provider of specialist leadership coach education.
  • has established an enviable record for teaching and research excellence across a range of disciplines in the business
    and leadership coaching environment.
  • comprises proven industry expertise, academic and management resources in coach education and the development of coaching systems, curriculum, methods and materials
  • provides an unparalleled world class standard of learning through its proven research facilities
  • has a close working relationship with some of the world's leading educational institutions, various professional coaching
    bodies and industry
  • courses are designed to train coaches to show their clients how to survive and thrive in the challenging business
    environment of the 21st century
  • through graduates sharing their knowledge with their clients the School contributes to the economic, social and
    commercial development of organizations around the world 

 The Coaching School's professional development programs are tailor fitted specifically to meet the needs of each
 participant and the market/region they operate within. The culturally adapted regional programs are undertaken in
 North America, UK and Europe and in Asia-Pacific. 

 The mission of our faculty is to use its unique international experience to maintain its position as the local regional and overall
 world leader in the pursuit, analysis and dissemination of knowledge in the discipline of Organizational/Corporate, Executive,
 and Global Leadership Skills Coaching fields. 


B.A, M.C.P, PhD, M.A.P.S, M.I.S.H

"Dr. Suzanne Skiffington is internationally recognized as the world's leading educator of 
 organizational coaches." 
H.R.Today. .


- Dr Skiffington has been interviewed on T.V., radio and in the print media around the world. Her work and research in coaching has been reported in the world's top business, professional and scientific journals. She has lectured on coaching in the workplace in leading universities, consulted with various government committee meetings and hearings, opened international conferences with key note speeches and has had numerous coaching articles published in various professional journals, magazines and newspapers.

Suzanne has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Masters of Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has received international recognition for outstanding teaching and research. In the early 1990's while teaching psychology at university, her research in human performance in an organizational environment led her to begin coaching. 


In the mid 1990's Dr Skiffington was managing her own large practice which consisted of nine coaches and an international business client base. Her loyal clientele, spanning six countries, included several Fortune 500 companies and a number of high profile business and sporting identities. During this time Dr Skiffington wrote many articles on organizational coaching for various psychological trade journals. In 1997 she pioneered and published research on 'Towards a Validation of Multiple Features in the Assessment of Emotions' that has stimulated new research and instrument development in this domain by personality, social and developmental psychologists. But something was to change all that. Dr Skiffington then established the world's first course for psychologists to be trained as coaches. As her reputation grew, as an authority on coaching in the workplace, she was subsequently invited to speak on her successful coaching practices and techniques to hundreds of organizations and professionals involved in people development. 



During her travels, Suzanne was increasingly asked by the wider business community to develop a coaching certification program for professionals (as well as psychologists) that had a behavioral scientific basis and also contained her trade secrets for establishing a successful coaching practice. A growing number of coaching practitioners also began to seek a high level credential that would help them distance themselves from the rest of a rapidly growing disparate coaching marketplace.

Meantime, McGraw-Hill Education approached her about writing a how-to, practical coaching reference text that was urgently needed to fill a void in business literature. After considerable thought she accepted the challenge to write her first coaching text ('The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work') and passed the day-to-day running of her practice on to her partners.

By researching hundreds of research papers, studies, articles, books and by working with many of the world's industry thought leaders, leading providers and users of coaching, Suzanne was also able to further develop her Master Coach training course. After training hundreds of psychologists Dr Skiffington also began to conclude that: her course's large class format couldn't address the individual participant's specific learning needs, that she couldn't replicate her knowledge base and experience via the course facilitators she had trained to deliver her course, and that many psychologists were simply not suited to become business coaches. 

Tackling the above issues, together with Perry Zeus, she created a world-best standard, industry-focused, "hands-on" course designed for a very small group of qualified professionals with a successful business track-record. The unique, invitational course was customized to each participants learning needs and only conducted by herself. 

Today, the four day intensive certification courses and follow-on mentoring are universally acknowledged as the industry's highest level coach training program. The masters-level, industry-recognized courses (continually updated with cutting-edge content) shows select participants how to either: 1) train and coach successful global leaders or, 2) how to establish, market and manage a world-class standard coaching business or/and implement successful internal coaching programs. As the new courses applicant's relevant business experience became the major criteria of selection it followed that less than 7% of the participants had any formal psychological training. The courses now only use practical, proven, psychological-based tools and processes that are industry-focused and can be easily applied and learnt by participants who do not require any training in psychology. Her students (a mix of highly experienced professionals with wide backgrounds involved in people development) simply require the formal structure, processes and best practices for their specific private or workplace practice.

Dr Skiffington's elite Master Coach Certification Courses are now recognized by many Government Accredited Professional Associations (as part of their Continuing Education professional development programs) responsible for the supervision and coaching/training of professionals working in areas such as global leadership, management and human resources. For example;
Skiffington and the Behavioral Coaching Institute (her R & D and Credentialing Institute) are approved to offer continuing education as required by the State of California, Board of Behavioral Sciences. Today, many federal and state government
agencies around the world have enrolled their key staff in her recognized course.

By 2002, Dr Skiffington had co-authored two more groundbreaking books with Perry Zeus ('The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices' and 'Behavioral Coaching: How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength' -see top of page: 'Articles/Books' tab). The books have received numerous awards, are translated in multiple languages around the world and are now standard course reference texts in at least 30 university and college degree programs. The books are also the UK's, Australasia's and North America's top selling organizational coaching texts. The Chinese government recently selected the books to be the first coaching texts to be translated and distributed throughout China. The first print runs where sold out within several weeks.

The introductory-level books document the many outstanding success stories of her Institute's organizational clients and graduates across the world and have now become industry standard reference and resource materials throughout the global coaching community. Nevertheless, becoming a competent, successful coach demands more than reading textbooks. As such, via her advanced-level, "hands-on" Master Coach Courses, Suzanne is able to personally instruct each participant how to select and master the appropriate methodologies, tools and processes they require for their internal or external practice..

New Objectives and a Lasting Legacy:
Through her many publications and work with the Behavioral Coaching Institute, Dr Skiffington is now internationally recognized as a pioneer in the development of coaching models and methodology and is acknowledged as a leader in the development of business and leadership coaching tools and techniques. As an educator and international best-selling author she also finds time, as a guest lecturer, to teach coaching in some of the region's leading universities. 

As a trained, experienced, adult educator, Dr.Skiffington, in the last few years of her life (1949-2007), dedicated herself to teaching the professional coaching and business skills she developed during her distinguished career to her expert Faculty team. Through her unique professional development Master Coach Course the Institute is now able to share her success formula with accomplished, busy, professional people who desire to be qualified, credentialed professional coaches at the highest international level. 

Today, Dr. Skiffington is recognized as a world authority in training organizational coaches to achieve positive, sustainable, measurable behavioral change and learning:
With the Institute's support team and the help of her clients and graduates worldwide, she spent over a decade in research, application and fine tuning in developing her elite courses. With regional campuses in New York, London and Sydney (and more on the way via her partners) her break-through fast track courses train and equip its graduates in the shortest possible time while providing a proven formula for achieving the greatest level of PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION and STANDING, SATISFACTION and SUCCESS. Over the last decade, working with Perry Zeus, she has certified over one thousand professionals (from over 40 countries) involved in HR, L & D, training, consulting, management etc on her successful personal and professional development coaching methodology and business practice.

Graduate/Partner Support:
Behavioral Research Laboratory
Dr Skiffington's expert team are currently engaged in research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in several organizational coaching practice areas. The ongoing research not also continually advances the quality of our flagship Master Coach course but also the specialist level-one courses in our Licensing Program where the Institute licenses the right of use to graduates.  

The Behavioral Research Laboratory as well as our Graduate Schools are an integral part of the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization). The Laboratory is available to support the faculty and their students to conduct state-of-the-art research on issues that affect human and/or organizational performance, change and learning. Research findings are also published in our publications.

Everything learnt in Dr Skiffington's course can be immediately applied to your career success.
As Dr Skiffington's international faculty team maintains high level consultative positions with a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies they are able to share with our graduates their valuable, real-world organizational coaching experience. Today, the Institute's organizational clients are some of the world's leading corporations, ranging from large multinationals, government departments and public organizations to learning institutions and emerging entrepreneurial businesses. Our
private, individual clients range widely, from management consultants, CEO's and HR personnel to established coaches, senior executives and psychologists working in the business arena. 

Please Note: There is a strict limit to the number of course places we provide. This also means that there is always a high demand from talented, experienced prospective candidates for the limited number of regional places available.

Dr. Skiffington's Coaching Institute's quality standards are the highest in the industry. 
Everyone who applies for the Master Coach Course does not get accepted. The few available courses available each year are by invitation only and there is a strict criteria of selection. Typically we receive 3 to 4 applications per one course place. Our interview process ensures those coaches, consultants, HR professionals and other accomplished professionals who wish to become Certified Master Coaches have the experience, the expertise and the ability to apply what is taught in the course and get results.

Next Step: 
Simply send in the website's Registration of Interest Form so we may call you to discuss your situation and jointly determine if your experience and/or background fulfils our qualifications and our course meets your needs.





  From the desk of Dr. Suzanne Skiffington.  

Dear Reader

Coaching in the workplace offers enormous potential for suitable professionals (as internal or external practitioners) to enhance their career, make a career change, or consultancy type businesses looking to provide additional services.

Leadership or Exceutive Coaching is now recognized as the key ingredient in achieving sustainable and measurable change and development for the individual, group and organization.

My Coach Training Program offers a thorough curriculum for individuals who are already coaching professionals and for those who have corporate experience but require the formalized theoretical and applied knowledge. The content and structure of the programs have evolved over a decade of graduate and industry
feedback, resulting in a high degree of student and client satisfaction.

The Coaching certification process, based on best practice world standard, also includes instruction in the vital business tools to succeed. The standards and skills taught will equip you with the required knowledge to excel in your chosen profession. To ensure your road to success I also provide one-to-one post-course support.

My Promise to You..
Knowledge Transfer and Sustainable Learning
Critical to the course's longstanding success is the ability of our trained coaches to coach at the top level based on the skills mastered in our program. I guarantee it!

Yours Sincerely

S.M.Skiffington B.A.,MCP.,PhD.,MAPS.,MISH




" We've learned a lot over the past 14 years, working with coaches and clients on a broad range of development issues, and we've attempted to capture and document the best processes and proven techniques in our 1 to 1 personal development methodology."

In the 1980's Perry worked as a project and business development management consultant (both in the United States and Australasia). In the early 1990's as an executive coach and management mentor he also conducted various specialist coaching clinics with a variety of professional groups including professionals engaged in professional development and management consultants. In 1995 he teamed up with Dr Suzanne Skiffington to establish an international coaching practice that spanned six countries. Perry and Dr. Skiffington then went on to establish specialist coach training workshops. Perry is also the founder of the Behavioral Coaching Institute and the Institute's Graduate Schools. 

Perry oversees the Graduate School's course development, ensuring the certification programs are always in step with world best practice and the latest organizational thinking. As well as being the head of the Institute's Corporate Support Program he is a sought after advisor to both global companies and government agencies. He has written numerous articles on organizational coaching for professional journals such as; the Institute of Management, Organizational Psychologists Journal, H.R. Monthly and Business Review Weekly etc. Recent books co-authored by Perry include: 'The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work', 'The Coaching at Work Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Techniques and Practices' and 'Behavioral Coaching: How to Build Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strength'. He is currently writing another text book and now devotes much of his time in coaching research and development.



   "Let him who would move the world first move himself."   -Socrates 

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