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  - Coach Training/Certification:
     - Masters-Level Course for qualified individuals who wish to practice 'world-best' standard professional
       coaching... .- For Course Content..   - For Course 'Registration of Interest' Form

 - 'Partner'

  -Business Development Opportunities

Option 1:
Organizational Associates Program: -For organizations who wish to partner with us
      to obtain a world-best standard, customized, certified coaching program (for example; Specialist 
      Coaching Practice Management Courses (for HR, L & D etc..), Internal Coach Certification Courses, 
      Management and Leadership Coaching Courses, Management and Leadership Mentoring Courses
      etc..). These learning programs typically focus on specialist areas of knowledge and can be a one-off
      event or conducted 3 or 4 times over a year, for different participants. 

      For organizations who require courses as an ongoing event we are frequently able sell the customized
      courses (excluding the Master Coach Course) proprietary rights of use to the client. In this situation
      the first few courses are delivered by Dr Skiffington with the assistance of 2 or 3 of the client's
      facilitators (who are already Certified Master Coaches). Typically after 3 events the facilitators receive
      their appropriate facilitators certification to deliver the course themselves and the client acquires the
      course license of use.
- See our flagship website for: latest examples of the types of customized Small Group, In-House
Courses -delivered by Dr Skiffington to our Corporate, Business and Non-Profit Clients around the

       --for Dr Skiffington's Master Coach graduates...  
Option 2:
Facilitator Licensing Program
:- for graduates/external coaches looking to build a client base
and gain the advantage over their competitors and for graduates/internal coaches wishing to provide
     world best standard training to their leaders/managers. Coaches/businesses can license our
     First-level Coaching Programs ('Manager/Leader as Coach' and 'Mentor' Certification -Course
     Training Manuals etc) within a defined territory or nominated organization ...more..
     For Example: 
- 'Manager as Coach, Leader as Coach' -Workshop Training Manual
-Licensed users are able to re-brand the Manager / Leader as Coach course (contains over 20
           extensive modules) with their own name and re-format the material to create short seminars or
           workshops or longer certificate courses etc. Strictly Limited for use by graduates of Dr
           Skiffington's Master Coach course.
  See below page:...more    

      Option 3:
Business Partner Program: where we co-develop and/or co-present tailor-made Coaching
      Courses with
businesses/organizations worldwide.  Suitable for existing Consulting Groups etc 
      (that have an established, successful position in their territory/region) -looking to supply/market
      world-class, industry-recognized coaching programs to their valued, blue-chip corporate clients. 
      For Example:

Present the Master Coach Course 
as a
co-venture between Dr Skiffington and a graduate partner:

 -See below page:..-for all..

      Here's your opportunity
to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the
  world b
y providing your own coaching educational services

Coaching is sweeping across the world and developing at an explosive rate.

Coaching is the universal language of change and learning ...and values cultural complexity and difference. - CNN

"..many industry sources now state that the global business demand for coaching is almost doubling each year."
-B.C. McGraw-Hill Education
"Coaching is BIG BUSINESS, it's now estimated around 60% of Fortune 500 companies use coaches for their
"..Annual spending on executive coaching in the United States is estimated at $1 billion."
Harvard Business Report
"..up to 25% of American businesses are using them (coaches), up from 4% just five years ago." - AAP News

.- Individuals/Businesses can establish their own coaching educational services etc..

- Organizations can acquire customized, world-best standard coach training  courses for
     internal use and have their people trained and certified to deliver their own 
     courses/coaching program. 

.- Established Consulting firms...
and training/education providers may benefit by simply adding our market proven core educational products to
       their portfolio and gaining another revenue stream . Also
; L&D and Training Departments, Learning Institutions
       (universities, colleges, private schools etc), Training Agencies, Government Agencies, Professional
       Associations and other individuals etc responsible for personal/professional development etc. who require
       unlimited delivery of world-class educational coaching programs within one specific organization.

Note: .-Individuals/Businesses who simply wish to establish a Coaching Practice or Internal Coaching Program  --Click Here 

In response to the unprecedented demand for coach education the internationally renowned Behavioral Coaching Institute™ and Dr Skiffington are now establishing a global network of Coach Training/Educational Partners.

Leverage your success off a powerful, recognized global brand:
The main objective for the development of this distributed provision is to allow coaching education access to individuals and organizations around the world, who: 1) are seeking an introductory level coaching course and, 2) for reasons of geography or personal commitments would prefer to attend a course closer to home rather than at our institutional campuses in Sydney, New York and London.

No other coaching educator has the depth of international experience and broad industry recognition to accelerate your business growth. Our unique global partner program is the only coaching licensing system that provides coaching courses that are 'industry accepted' and have a proven international track record of success.

Dr. Suzanne Skiffington is internationally recognized as the world's leading developer and educator of professional coaching. However, Dr Skiffington only has so much quality time she is able to personally devote to her students and graduates worldwide. The rapidly, expanding global coaching market urgently needs qualified providers to market and deliver introductory-level coach certification programs. The focus of both our educational and support services is one of providing the highest quality course delivery to this exploding global marketplace.

Option 2:

Royalty percentage of your revenue = 0%
.-Rather than adopt the traditional financial arrangement of assigning/franchising the rights to educational materials in return for an ongoing set of service fees, marketing levies, hidden administration charges and a series of exorbitant franchise type royalty fees of 7.5% to 15% of each year's revenue, we have opted for a simpler, affordable, regional licensing program -allowing the licensee to operate in an autonomous fashion while still receiving the training and support they require.

International Licenses are currently available in most countries (although there are some regions in Australia, UK and the USA that already have restrictions on).

" It's become very quickly clear that the investment we made to add coach training to our list of services has wildly exceeded our expectations, We're a hit -and have attracted more new clients than we are ready for. Your program is providing a very substantial continuing payback for us." W. Hillegrass. Managing Partner, HP

"The feedback from our people on the coaching program has been tremendous. The outcome: better training and development results, better genuine bottom-line results, better morale, company goodwill. This is my favorite program to deliver!" P Symonds. Vice President. Human Resources, A&L

  Some More Benefits:
Dr. Skiffington is the pioneer and acknowledged global leader of coaching courseware and tools. Her Research and Development Team oversees the complete life cycle of our coaching programs: design, application, and user monitoring. By maintaining a "life-cycle platform" approach reseller courses are always up-to-date, cutting edge and market oriented. 

All of our courses: 
1) contain the latest learning technologies 
2) are personally market tested around the world by Dr. Skiffington herself and,
3) require industry approval before being released to her educational partners. 

a) Because each resellers license is provided back-up support by Dr. Skiffington, there can only be a limited number of licenses made available. 
b) Dr Skiffington's advanced, specialized Certification Courses for professionals (as listed on this website) are not available for re-sell. The below Licenses are to re-sell/provide our mass-market, Level One/Introductory level Coach Training Programs within a defined territory or nominated organization
c) Note: Your license does not permit you to turn these products into an electronic, internet-delivered, ezine or a course-by-email type of course. Our educational products are strictly designed to be delivered in person and within a defined territory, Department, Group, Organizational structure. 

.     Become an official regional licensee 
       -and join the exciting, highly rewarding people development business... 

Facilitator Licensee Type..


- A first-level service suitable for external service providers looking to:
        - build a client base,
        - obtain an extra revenue stream and,
gain an advantage over their competitors

Suitable for established organizations or Consultants, Trainers, Coaches etc who wish to provide Introductory-level  Coach Training Courses. As an individual or Organizational License Holder you not only have the opportunity to deliver world-class coaching seminars and workshops but also your own coaching services/programs and generate a significant annual income.

  - Target Market: 
Today, all over the world, organizations (small business, corporate, non-profit, government etc) and individuals alike are looking to find out more about the exciting field of coaching and how it can work for them. This first step, an educational service to meet the needs of the wider mass-market, represents an incredible sales opportunity for local/regional providers positioned to satisfy this demand.

- In-House: 
HR, L&D and Training Departments, Learning Institutions (universities, colleges, private schools etc), individuals responsible for personal/professional development etc. who require unlimited delivery of world-class coaching/educational programs within one/specific organization. As an Organizational Licensee in possession of the latest coaching technology you also have the opportunity to conduct your own world-best-standard in-house coaching programs and generate significant, measurable bottom-line results

Establish a successful coaching educational center supported by Dr Skiffington in your region/territory:
Dr Skiffington can only be in so many places and work with so many people. Her specialist, 1-to-1 courses (as listed on this website) are tailored to meet the needs of a few, highly skilled professionals who wish to practice coaching at an elite level. Today thousands of companies and individuals simply want to participate in instructional 'introductory' seminars and workshops so they can: a) find out how coaching works, its benefits to them etc and, b) make a qualified, informed decision as to what type of coaching is best suited to their short and long term needs. This unique, collaborative partnership between Dr Skiffington and her certified resellers is therefore meant to service the needs of a much larger, ever-growing marketplace than she herself is positioned or able to service. 

Successful background in management or consulting or training or education etc.  A commitment to the concept of 'lifelong learning'. A passion for the growth of others and a willingness to learn and grow in the process. A practical understanding of human behavior, business/management/ organizational life and how adults learn. Strong people skills. A desire to build a successful business that serves a vital personal, business and/or community need. Intimate knowledge of local market. Access to necessary capital funds and marketplace

Your own world-standard' (in-house/organizational
 or private practice) Coaching Educational Center:

- Training, Support and ancillary Rights.

As a licensee of Dr Skiffington's educational courses you'll benefit enormously from the systemized business
   growth and support methodologies that we've developed to assist you..

Suitable for: -Individual/Independent: Coaches, Consultants, Trainers etc. 
                        -Established Educational Providers

Leverage Dr. Skiffington's world class materials to accelerate the development of your clients/managers/leaders and ensure quality of content (best-of-the-best).

License Holders Rights for Dr Skiffington's Course Manuals etc : 
The license grants you the right to:
1) provide / deliver specific Course Manuals provided by Dr. Skiffington. 
teach the nominated Coaching Course/Program within a nominated region -and not pay any royalties. 
quote the Behavioral Coaching Institute and Dr Skiffington's names as the course designers 
personalized support by Dr Skiffington
yourself, your Organization, Coaching Practice or Coaching Education Center etc -to be accredited
    by the Behavioral Coaching Institute to provide Dr Skiffington's level one courses and have right of use to the
Behavioral Coaching Institute -Licensed Reseller' Logo. 
6) the right to nominate your preferred territory/area.. 
    - ie;  = Country/State/Region    -for example; USA/Florida/Miami and surrounds
7) the licensee will also have the opportunity to apply to sponsor/organize Master Coach Courses with Dr Skiffington (see:
    Option 2:
'Business Partner Program' -below page ).

Catalogue of Course Manuals/Programs:
1) Level One Course Manuals -for the two most widely used and effective Models for individual and workforce

                                    - a)
Mentor Certification Course -training of in-house staff to perform a mentoring role on a
                                         need-to basis. Mentoring is increasingly recognised as a vital component in any organizational
                                         toolkit for the 21st century - but what is the role of a mentor and what tools and skills are they
                                         best meant to employ? Ask any group of individuals and their ideas are sure to differ widely.
                                         This important, formal Mentor training Course up-skills and certifies an organization’s
                                         delegated mentors or other persons in the human resources and organization development
                                         areas interested in maximizing their organizational impact- 
                                        - and/or

                                     b) Manager as Coach, Leader as Coach Certification Course 
-for Managers and/or
                                         Leaders to be trained and certified how to employ validated, proven informal and formal
                                         coaching strategies and techniques as part of the management/leadership role (see below
                                         page for details). 

   Note:  - the Completion Certificate (and designation) for these two courses are awarded by the provider. 
             - All course material is copyrighted for use to the licensed provider by Dr Skiffington's Behavioral Coaching
             - the above level one, specialist courses are not to be confused with Dr Skiffington's advanced-level Master
            - the training and certification of persons whose duties are primarily coaching should be conducted via the
              Master Coach Course in collaboration with Dr Skiffington (see 'Co-Partnering' below).            
Tailored-made Coaching Courses (such as Dr Skiffington's Master Coach Course) can be co-delivered by
   Dr Skiffington with the Licensee (ie; in the Licensee's business name to the licensee's clients). See 'Co-Partnering'

3) The option of receiving regular updated course/educational and resource materials and, 

4) Coaching text books written by Dr Skiffington (at wholesale rates, direct from publisher).

5) Other Coaching Course/Educational Modules (not listed here) -as personally used and developed by Dr Skiffington.... 


* 'Manager as Coach, Leader as Coach' #3.0 and,
    'Mentor Certification' Program #3.0  
    -Workshop Course Manuals© (CD & Hard Copy)
-licensed facilitator program is available for purchase by a Certified Master Coach (CMC)
    ie; graduates and successful applicants for Dr Skiffington's Master Coach course

  .More than 80% of organisations use coaching to develop their staff according to a recent survey (EWB 2004).
   However, less than 5% have formally trained their managers in the use of the latest coaching workplace
practices. The national survey found that coaching and mentoring skills were passed on by a trickle down
   effect as senior managers worked with middle managers and middle managers with their juniors. While,
   some organizations had their managers undertake some short courses (internal or external) -the Managers
were typically taught out-dated coaching practices.

  "The Crisis in Mainstream Workplace Coaching....All Managers are coaching in varying degrees, but very
few are using valid coaching technology or the means to ensure their initiatives are accountable or are
    generating sustainable results and clear productivity or profitability investment gains."  
-HR Magazine

   "This is the most in-demand service all professional coaches are asked to provide. And this is by far,
    the most comprehensive coach skill building course for managers and leaders available. The
    extensive manual contains over 20 modules integrated into one incredible learning system!"
J.Stretton. Executive Coach, NLB

   "Priceless! These courses have become the major profit center in my practice." -B.Johannsen. Coaching Plus

. 'Mentor Certification' Program #3.0  
- includes the Participant's Comprehensive Course Manual
plus a Resources Manual for the course participants containing the latest mentoring tools,
    techniques, templates etc
plus Detailed Facilitator's presentation/guide Notes -designed by Dr Skiffington 
  - plus
personal, back-up course delivery support (telephone) sessions with Dr Skiffington.

. 'Manager as Coach, Leader as Coach' #3.0  
- includes the Participant's Comprehensive Course Manual
plus a Resources Manual for the course participants (Managers/Leaders) containing the latest coaching tools,
    techniques, templates etc
plus Detailed Facilitator's presentation/guide Notes -designed by Dr Skiffington 
  - plus
personal, back-up course delivery support (telephone) sessions with Dr Skiffington.


For External Providers...
-How to Gain Corporate Clients Now!

Dr Skiffington's licensed facilitator program is a proven, powerful vehicle to break into the highly lucrative corporate/organizational market AND provide follow-up executive coaching after the training. The educational Course is an invaluable key to open corporate doors to establish a personal and professional connection with a client and the 'gatekeepers'. Just as importantly, the Course is a unique platform to establish the trust factor and credentials needed for any coach to be invited to provide follow-on, specialist one-to-one coaching with an organization's valuable executives.
-For Organizations...
The world class course is also excellent for organizations
that want to integrate coaching into their development processes or to enhance the skills and effectiveness of their managers/leaders as coaches.

- Licensed users are able to re-brand the course material (contains over 20 extensive modules) with their own name and re-format the material to create short seminars or workshops or longer certificate courses etc.

These comprehensive, proven courses have been designed in consultation with the world's leading industry users and independent practitioners. The courses cannot be compared to any other as they contain the latest, proven coaching technology and detailed coaching structures for Managers/Leaders to succeed in their coaching and mentoring role. Other courses simply re-hash the simplistic, coaching formulas of feedback, questioning and goal-setting etc. This outdated formula provides a simple structure suitable for the very busy line production manager who simply hasn't the time for 'meaningful' dialogue with the line worker

These traditional "starter" coaching efforts use a simplistic goal-setting training model that is limited in application to increasing the performance of lower order 'mechanical skill task sets' (eg; for process workers) -that do not require any change of thinking, behavior etc. This dated model focuses on the "how to do" and "how to do it better". The coachee is treated as a passive observer and coerced into following a set action plan rather than challenged to think through specific problems and discover solutions.  
Traditional coaching works best with a "process worker" who is ready for action and needs a nudge. However, Managers as "Coaches" are still been taught this traditional 'mechanical skills' coaching model to use in the professional development of their staff -so no matter how many nudges they give, or how many great questions they ask, most of the coachees find themselves going around in circles and are unable to successfully change/learn etc. 

Course Objectives
-Participant's (Managers/Leaders) are shown how to:

  • enhance their management and leadership skills
  • understand how coaching can work for them
  • define best industry practice standards of coaching
  • select the appropriate coaching models of practice in their role as a manager/leader
  • learn a step by step proven, process of coaching in the workplace that best suits them
  • practice their coaching skills in relevant role-plays
  • benchmark their own coaching initiatives against the industry leaders
  • best deal with some of the key challenges that a manager/leader coach must confront
  • participants are also shown how to increase their interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving skills and motivation and self-confidence, acquire better team cohesion and improve their bottom line results
  • plus lots of industry insider information, case studies, resources etc
Course -User Rights: 
Any person who conducts the course must be a registered licensed user. A license holder obtains the right to deliver the Manuals from Dr. Skiffington. The license grants the user the right to deliver according to the terms of the license and keep 100% of the revenues (ie; there is no royalty fee). Note: The graduate is also assigned the right to re-brand and re-format the course material. However, the graduate does not have the right to use/market Dr. Skiffington's name/brand/logo's nor turn the Manuals into an electronic, internet-delivered, ezine or a course-by-email type of course. This course is strictly designed to be delivered in person and within a defined territory.

The primary holder/acquirer of the License of Use is in the name of an organization or business entity. The secondary rights of the license (the right to deliver/teach the course) is only granted to nominated registered graduates of Dr Skiffington's Master Coach Course. All authorized instructors names are listed on a Licensed Facilitators Registry maintained and updated by the Behavioral Coaching Institute. In recognition of their new standing, the facilitator/past graduate is assigned the new certification level of a Fellow of the Graduate School of Master Coaches (Fellow,GSMC). 
.-Quality Tested: 
For over a decade, the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization) has worked with many of the world’s leading organizations engaged in coaching to realize outstanding business outcomes through successful, validated initiatives. Today, Dr. Skiffington (the Institute's Director of Education) is acknowledged as the pioneer and global leader of coaching courseware, tools and textbooks. Her research and development team (Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching) oversee the complete life cycle of our coaching products: design, testing, application, and user monitoring. By maintaining a "life-cycle platform" approach vendor tools are always up-to-date, cutting edge and market oriented. 

Dr Skiffington personally uses the Manuals with her corporate clientele and obtains industry approval before any new edition is released to her partners. Because each global partner is provided back-up support by Dr. Skiffington, there can only be a limited number of licenses made available per region. 

Purchase Schedule: (see below)

Training and Support:   
All Course Manuals contain extensive Course Presenter Notes and all License Holders receive 1-to-1 telephone Support/Mentoring with Dr Skiffington. 

Special Note
This course is strictly designed to be delivered by a Certified Master Coach (CMC). As such, the special Workshop Trainer's and Resources Manuals are only available for use to past graduates and successful applicants for Dr Skiffington's Master Coach course. See: Master Coach Course Content. and 'Registration of Interest' page.

-Some Financial Case Studies:

1) M.K (a coach in private/solo practice) provides the 'Manager/Leader as Coach' Course to an increasingly active client base of only 4 medium sized businesses in the manufacturing sector. These businesses became her clients through the successful marketing of the 'Course'. The below figures exclude the additional earnings from flow-on coaching services.
  Yearly Gross Revenue:
  Ist Year -$38,500.  2nd Year -$74,350.  3rd Year -$112,600

2) - JW shares a practice with one other partner. With the Manager and Leader as Coach Course she obtained a large private Hospital Group as a new client. The Hospital Group had a long history of poor employee satisfaction ratings and ongoing employee issues. With two of her staff JW conducts the Manager as Coach Program for all of the Group's managers and leaders. To help drive the coaching culture throughout the organization, the first group that completed the course included the entire executive staff and key department heads.

In less than eighteen months since establishing the coaching/education program the results are impressive: staff rating of their Managers has improved by 24%; there has been a 28% reduction in management turnover and resultant new hires associated costs; patient satisfaction ratings rose by 12% and there has been a 35% reduction in the number of employee complaints and issues. In particular, the program has improved the standard and performance of the leadership and management personnel and helped unite and provide focus to a very diverse workforce. The positive effects of coaching have clearly made a difference throughout all levels and within all the departments of the Group.
By February 2004, nearly 348 managers and leaders have completed the ongoing Manager as Coach Course  -returning the partners an income of over $175,000.

3) BT Consulting Group (with 4 licensed consultants/users) delivers the 'Manager/Leader as Coach' Course to an existing client base as an additional service.
  Yearly Gross Revenue:
  1st Year -$165,000.  2nd Year -$240,000

Facilitator License Fee of use  -per course manual:  
(CD & Hard Copy) 
- Mentor Certification Course Manual -or-
      - Manager/Leader as Coach Certification Course Manual

                       License Type:  -Solo Practitioner    -Business                   -Corporate 
(less than 500 employees)    (more than 500 employees) 
License Period
- 2 years     -$2,950                 -$4,950                        -$5,950
-  5 Years    
-$3,950                 -$5,950                        -$7,950
- 10 Years     -$5,950                -$7,950                        -$9,950

-For further details
just submit the requisite Master Coach 'Registration of Interest Form' and our Institute will contact you to establish a telephone appointment

Product Upgrade:
All licensed holders receive notice when the Manual is revised and have the option of purchasing a Revised Edition ($495). 

Option 1: Facilitator Program -The Next Step:
These courses are strictly designed to be delivered by a graduate of Dr Skiffington's Master Coach Course.
To learn more about how you can acquire a license to deliver the above coaching courses and also be personally supported by Dr Skiffington:
Certified Master Coaches by Dr Skiffington can
simply complete the below 'Registration of
                         - Non-Graduates -can visit this websites main
'Registration of Interest' page to first apply for
                           entry into the requisite Master Coach Course.

See our flagship website for:
Workshop Manuals Courses -Structure, Content and Licensing Guidelines...


This is not a franchise business we are licensing. Your business is your business. As an educational provider you are acquiring the licensing rights to provide one or more of our educational programs developed and supported by Dr Skiffington. We therefore require that Dr. Skiffington's name and her educational programs be represented (professionally and ethically) only by the best trained, best qualified and most committed individuals/businesses.

Please also note that all private business/financial arrangements between a certified reseller and ourselves are strictly confidential.

Option 3:

Co-Partnering* with Dr Skiffington and the Behavioral Coaching Institute (BCI)
Special Events:
- Dr Skiffington (as Head of Education with the Behavioral Coaching Institute) personally delivers (and certifies
   the partner's staff to subsequently provide themselves) coaching events , such as:
   the internationally renowned 'Certified Master Coach' Course, organized by our global regional partners.. 

The industry-recognized 'Certified Master Coach' Course can be used by:
Category 1) a select, small number of graduates who own or are a member of a successful consulting group or a
                      specialist coaching practice etc  -to obtain a proven, second level profit-center/coaching service, and
Category 2) established large, international organizations  -to obtain an internal training and credentialing program 

Category 1. Consultancy / Coaching practices: 

As the world's leading developer of coaching technology and author of coaching best-practices, Dr Skiffington chooses to work as a equal partner with some of the world's best consulting and coaching practitioners in the form of an ongoing, co-learning, developmental partnership. These companies represent the "best of the best" in meeting a wide variety of special educational opportunities such as the marketing and sponsoring of Dr Skiffington's internationally renowned 'Master Coach' Course within their region or organization.

What we require in a partner...
To continue the migration of our courses around the world our preference is to establish an ongoing, strong business relationship with a few select highly qualified and well-positioned 'Business Partners' per region. These qualified 'Partners' have a high local profile, a great reputation and have existing customer relationships with companies that can benefit from our coaching educational services. Typically they have a discriminating blue-chip client base who only want 'the best'. The 'Partners' also possess the resources and ability to successfully market and organize Master Coach Courses within their market sector/region.

  • BCI -provides:  - World Class Brand and Educational Products
                          - Best Practice (Coaching) Industry Processes and Standards
                          - Full Training and Support
                          - Marketing Support

  • Our Regional Partners -provide:  - Cultural adaptation of the Educational Products and Processes
                                                   - Local Market Expertise
                                                   - Business -Relevant Expertise, Financial Resources, Infrastructure and Reputation
                                                   - Qualified People to provide the educational products

 -"Ensuring Your Success -is our Success"

Dr Skiffington assists selected coaching provider's by: 
1) co-developing and delivering coaching courses and/or 
2) presenting
Master Coach courses and other educational programs. 
    For example; Dr Skiffington is contracted by the Licensee to conduct (under the banner of the partner) a small group
    Master Coach course in their    
      a) to train and certify a client's staff, 
      b) in response to an advertised, local, certified 'Master Coach' training event/course organized by the partner...or,
      c) part of an organization's in-house coaching program  -to train and certify their coaching staff and key


Regional Business Partnership -The Steps:

 - All Co-Partnering* relationships are selected and managed by the Behavioral Coaching Institute's Executive Director, Perry Zeus.

Step 1:
One or two of the potential partner's key staff completes the Master Coach Course -thereby qualifying to be trained as future facilitators of the course.
The Master Coach course format/location can be the Small Group Peer Course (conducted in Sydney, London or New York) or an in-house course organized by the potential partner. The in-house course may include a mix of the potential partner's key staff and some clients (Note: a 'wholesale' course fee schedule is provided to the potential partner.) 

As a follow-on to the Master Coach course a potential partner is also invited to participate in a special Briefing on the Business Partner Program.

Upon the completion of this initial training course (to the satisfaction of both parties) the potential partner is invited into an informal partnership arrangement and appointed a Business Associate of BCI.

Step 2:
In this second stage of the Partnering relationship the Business Associate is invited to sponsor/organize a number of Master Coach Courses in their specialist market sector and/or region (to be co-facilitated by Dr Skiffington with one or two nominated Associate's qualified staff (who have previously undertaken the Certified Master Coach Course). These initial pilot co-ventures also provide the opportunity for the Associate to show that they are able to meet BCI's business criteria to become an accredited partner. 

The Business Associate markets and organizes the Master Coach course event and provides the venue (a special Associate's course fee rate schedule is also applicable). All course marketing material (citing Dr Skiffington's and BCI's names) designed by the Associate needs to be first approved by our Perry Zeus (Program Director). Perry also provides strategic marketing advice to the Associate.

Dr Skiffington pays for her travelling expenses, co-delivers the course and provides the course certification. For example; over several months or a year, an Associate sponsors 3 to 4 local, pilot Master Coach training courses (in their business name for typically 8 to 12 persons). The Master Coach Courses include the training of one or two of the Associate's staff as certified Master Coach Course Facilitators. Note: The nominated Sponsor's Facilitators should: 1) already be Certified Master Coaches and, 2) possess the skills/experience required to facilitate such a high-level, technical professional development course. Typically after three courses/co-ventures: 1) a trusting, personal and professional relationship between Dr Skiffington and the Partner has been established and, 2) the qualified Associate's staff have been trained and certified to deliver future courses by themselves. 

Step 3:
The partnership is now formalized and the partner is appointed by the Behavioral Coaching Institute (our parent organization) as an exclusive regional
Accredited Business Partner (ABP). The A.B.P obtains the right to exclusively present the Master Coach Course by themselves (with back-up support) in their  region. Guided by the partner the Course is specifically designed by Dr Skiffington to suit the partner's marketplace/culture etc. The Course can be presented as a series of seminars, half-day programs, workshops etc. For example; the course can also be re-formatted into two short courses -one introductory level course (for a larger group of persons) and an advanced level course (for 10-12 persons only). Any course format is first approved by BCI. Course fees are structured to reflect the market conditions of the partner's territory.

All Course fees are set (by BCI and partner) to reflect the market conditions of the partner's territory and are distributed on a negotiated (standard 50:50) course fee sharing basis between the partner and BCI. Full course back-up support is directly provided by Dr Skiffington and the partner obtains the marketing use of the below A.B.P. logo (see below). 

Step 4:
After a track record of successful results the ABP is able to apply for an exclusive Regional or International Campus representing BCI, Dr Skiffington and her courses in a designated specialist market sector/marketplace. Some additional rights obtained by the partner include a direct website link on our family of high-profile internet sites to the Partner's course registration page (on their website). This Campus link on our sites will re-direct registrations of interest for a course to the relevant territorial Partner. BCI's suite of websites include:,,,, and


  -What Next?
To discuss the next steps in the qualification process.... 
- For non-graduates (who have not completed Dr Skifffington's Certified Master Coach Course)  -simply
         visit this websites main 'Registration of Interest' page to first apply for entry into the requisite Master
Coach Course.
- For Certified Master Coaches -simply complete the below 'Registration of Interest Form'  

  Step 1. 
-Completion of the 'Registration of Interest Form'
   Step 2.
-Follow-on Telephone Interview:
                Perry Zeus (Course Registrar and program/course designer) calls you to discuss the Partner's
The interview process with Perry also ensures those accomplished professionals/organizations who
               wish to become a Regional Licensee appointee not only have the necessary professional

               background, organizational experience etc but also the ability to present Dr Skiffington's courses. 
               Only upon a mutually successful outcome of the interview would the
applicant be invited to apply
for a place in our Master Coach
Course. -to qualify for entry into our international partnership


* = Required Fields


Yes! - Please call me to discuss: 




- Firstly, -are you a Master Coach/Graduate already certified by Dr Skiffington? 



     -Yes, I understand to qualify to join the Partnering Program I need to first complete the
Master Coach Course with Dr Skiffington. 
      -  I am currently not providing any educational courses
         - I am an Existing Educational Provider




1) Licensing Program:

     . - Courses interested in licensing:    Manager/Leader as Coach Course
Mentor Training Certification Course -  
Nominated Territory (Country/State/Region/City/Business Industry/Sector) etc for license:

2)  Business Partner Program -interested in:
- Co-venture/Sponsoring Special Events, such as; Master Coach Courses with Dr Skiffington
             in your Region/City/specialist market sector


Full Name: 


Business Name:







Tel. #'s :


Email (Biz & Personal):



Your Position:


- and/or Title:

Owner         President/CEO   Vice President
Director      Manager            Supervisor
Coordinator Associate          Other:


Decision Making Process:

I am the final decision maker.
I have influence in the decision making process.
I may make a recommendation for a purchase.
The Name of the Final Decision Maker is:  

  Your Organization's Annual Revenue is approx':  

<$250 thousand   <$500K  $500k -1 million  $1-5 million

$5-10 million    $10-25 million   $25-50 million $50> million

  Number of employees:      Years in Business:  

Personal Professional Profile / Brief description of your business:
-for example if business: company history, organizational structure, type of services/products
  provided,  geography covered and any other appropriate profile information etc.


What do you want to achieve through providing coaching educational services?


Any further Information etc..: