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Examples of In-House, Small Group, Customized Certification Courses recently delivered by
    Dr. Skiffington to her international clients: 

On-Site Training offers our clients cost effectiveness, flexibility and accelerated training methods.

Other benefits include:

  • Cost Savings on employee travel and expenses
  • Shared knowledge, methodology and skill practices
  • Your program is customized to your specific learning needs. We look at behavioral objectives, skill & knowledge requirements, and the desired business outcomes
  • By tailoring programs to your needs your team has the freedom to exclusively work with Dr Skiffington and explore sensitive, proprietary and/or confidential issues
  • Post course -Dr Skiffington provides 1-to-1 mentoring as you learn to apply the acquired knowledge in "real-time" and achieve your long-term objectives
1.  Course Type:: -3 Day tailored version of our Certified Master Coach course to fit your
                                               specific needs 

-Customized certified short courses (typically for 2 to 3 days) designed to
                                               provide specialist knowledge / coaching practices etc 

- Customized certified short courses designed for the client to acquire
                                              exclusive ongoing/licensing rights of use. Typically Dr Skiffington
                                              co-presents the course for the first 2 or 3 times, simultaneously
                                              training/certifying your in-house facilitators to conduct all future courses.
Examples: Specialist Coach, Mentoring, Leadership development courses etc
  Daimler Chrysler:
Participants: a small group of key L & D staff.
Purpose:: 1. to credential the participants as trained Master Coaches,  
                2. to provide proven protocols and management skills to the designated Coaching Program Managers and,
                3 .to provide proven methodologies and processes to staff responsible for implementing One-to-One and Team
                   Coaching initiatives
  UK -Consultancy Group:
Participants: key management and several consultants  
Purpose:: to credential the participants as trained Master Coaches -and provide proven skill sets and tools to staff providing
                a range of coaching solutions to corporate and government clients
  Norway -Executive Search Agency:
Participants: a Consultant brought together four representatives of his key clients and three other local business associates
Purpose:: to provide coaching credentials, best practices and 'how-to' knowledge -with a focus on cross-cultural coaching for leaders and role-playing for the course participants
  Defence Force:
Participants: a small group of internal facilitators/training officers. 
Purpose:: 1. to certify the participants as Master Coaches and, 
                2. -in two follow-on courses -train the facilitators to deliver a Mentoring Program specifically designed for the Defence
                    Force by Dr Skiffington
Course Type: 1. a customized version of the 4-Day, Certified Master Coach course
                      2. i) one Mentoring Course (with air force personnel) conducted by Dr Skiffington and assisted by the facilitators
                           (now graduate Master Coaches) and,
ii) a second Mentoring Course conducted by the facilitators with support by Dr Skiffington
Participants: key HR management and staff  
Purpose:: 1. to first certify the participants as Master Coaches, 
                2. -guide the participants through the steps, processes and checklists necessary to create a blueprint for establishing
                    a 'Coaching Culture' and,
                3. -the delivery of further follow-on specialist workshops to support Management in their building and managing the
2. Course Type: 4-Day, Certified Master Coach Courses organized by past graduates who are
                                      also members of our
Partner Program

Organized by:: In Hong Kong a graduate (partner in a Consultancy Business) markets the course via her network of business
Participants: local HR, Training and L & D Managers  
Purpose:: 1. to certify the participants as Master Coaches and,
                2.-provide the participants with the structure and processes necessary to align their coaching initiatives to business

Organized by:: In South Korea a graduate (owner of a Financial Services Group) organizes and promotes the course to
                        prospective and existing key clients 
Participants: senior management   
Purpose:: 1. to first certify the participants as Master Coaches and, 
                2. -to provide proven best management strategies and tools to Managers responsible for Coaching Programs

Organized by:: A USA Business Associate (a Coaching Group) previously organized 3 local, successful Master
                        Coach Courses, (co-facilitated by Dr Skiffington with 2 of the Group's staff/past graduates). The Group
                        is now qualified and licensed to organize and conduct (as an Accredited Business Partner) their own
                        Master Coach Courses with full back-up support by Dr Skiffington and the Behavioral Coaching Institute
Participants and Purpose: The licensed Group now markets the internationally established Master Coach Course to local:
                                          i) persons looking to obtain recognized coaching credentials and the knowledge and tools etc
                                             necessary to establish a successful coaching practice and,
                                          ii) to businesses wishing to train and certify their coaching staff and build and manage 'best-practice'
                                              internal coaching programs    


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