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     "The strong demand for skilled global leaders worldwide is the biggest catalyst for the
       demand for behavioral-based coaching tools and skills for leadership development.
       Fortunately one doesn't need to enrol in multiple degree courses in organizational,
       clinical and developmental psychology ...Dr Skiffington's rigorous, certification course
       provides people development personnel a time efficient, proven means of accessing
       the behavioral-based skills training and coaching technologies."
OD Newsletter, 2005  

Some Credentialing issues

.-"As we noted in our second text book, there is no agreement on training and academic standards, requisite competencies, a code of ethics or ongoing professional development for professional leadership coaches. While some coaching bodies are ostensibly working together on this issue, such work is typically characterized by competitiveness rather than true collaboration.

Clients, coachees and the general business world have the right to know what they can expect from a coach in terms of their credentials and expertise. To date, there is no association that has been accredited by any government body and certainly none that is truly representative of full-time, professional, practicing coaches in the workplace. The reality is that some of the larger "international" coaching associations were privately founded by commercial training companies for the purpose of externally ‘legitimizing’ their training courses. These types of associations typically have a private business agenda that concentrates on adding large numbers of members to their database for commercial purposes." - Excerpts from ICC Conference Paper (Coaching credentials and accreditation) presented by Dr Skiffington. 2003  


A major reason why HR and L & D personnel choose to become certified by Dr Skiffington is that they require industry-recognised qualifications.
Masters-level Certification by Dr Skiffington demonstrates to an employer that they have received world-best personalized training by a recognised authority. It's all about the quality of training, experience and resources that a coach brings to the learning table. 
A leadership coach is a "resource person" and is good as their resources are many, scientifically valid and measurable. Dr Skiffington, for over a decade has been teaching, developing and delivering proven behavioral-based leadership coaching practices that are replicable and codifiable. These "world-best" standard practices and business models have validity of use because of their known, measurable, sustainable success and are available through her course for qualified individuals to learn to use

Organizational coaching, by nature, is in a continual process of development and draws from a wide range of behavioral sciences and professional disciplines. Leadership coaching has little resemblance to the fuzzy 'model' promoted and sold to unqualified persons by the large online course marketers, many regional providers and commercially oriented "international coaching" associations. 

Dr Skiffington's Behavioral Coaching Institute not only: a) develops cutting edge professional coaching tools, techniques and resources but also, b) conducts research which includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the industry leaders in their field who have established coaching programs and; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. This ongoing, intensive research, development and testing program allows the Institute's Graduate School of Global Leadership Coaching to continually update/upgrade its Coach Certification Program  -ensuring our worldwide graduates receive the best-of-the-best in world-standard professional coach education, follow-on support and resources.


The State of Global Leadership Development
and You!

You're a busy professional and don't have time to spend on things that don't work. You've tried different coaching courses and seminars over the years, picked up a few useful ideas but none of it was really "new" or substantial. 

In fact most of what you found was basic stuff that oversimplifies human behavior, personality, motivation and learning. You're looking for a better way to acquire, accelerate and retain skill development but it has to be supported by evidence, have a scientific basis that isn't theoretical and doesn't require lengthy training, be accessible, provides a solid expandable platform, delivers measurable sustainable results and it must be cost-effective.

Dr Skiffington's proven global leadership development tools and processes take the "fluff" out of coaching and help you get the results your employees want. 

The HR Challenge
Traditionally, global leadership training was a one-time event. It was a paper-and-pencil experience that often focused on developing survival skills one culture at a time. Training was frequently restricted to rather limited orientation sessions and cultural briefings, often imparted via lectures, handouts or case studies and supplemented by further reading. That may have been appropriate for the international assignee a decade ago. However, the new breed of global managers and their organizations have very different needs.

Global leadership is currently undergoing vehement scrutiny. Organizations today have a short supply of experienced global managers who are able to climb the executive ranks to fill global leadership positions tomorrow. These valuable and highly sought-after individuals have unique backgrounds and competencies, be they executives, managers or expatriates.

The work of HR professionals is becoming more complex as it becomes more important. This is witnessed by a renewed interest in human resource management as a major strategic tool that can uphold the competitive position of a global firm.

Given, that it is necessary to train and educate a new group of globally minded human resource professionals, the number of HR executives with significant; experience in teaching the use of effective behavioral change models, multicultural experience or those with an international track record is still limited. Thus, the training and education of a new breed of international HR professionals is one of the main internal challenges facing the global HR community today.

   "I think the great thing about Dr Skiffington's course is that it's all grounded in validated
    scientific processes that have been consistently proven to produce successful,
    measurable results in the workplace.
-Bill Harrison, Director of Professional Development,
    Office of Education. WA


Develop HR Solutions that Work Globally
Global Leadership development programmes abound, but the truly transformational kind is rooted in the use of psychological-based, validated, personal and organizational change models and follow-on support.

To cope effectively with accelerating change, global leaders need to continuously revise their images of self, role, and organization, so that attitudes and behavior are modified accordingly -such as; reinvention of self, knowing your self, creating and communicating a vision, maintaining trust through integrity, and realizing intention through action. Successful global leaders are seen self-authorizing, have behavioral integrity, are guided by core values, and they experience personal rebirth. 

Global Leaders today have an obligation to be their best self and therefore require validated, behavioral-based personal and professional skills coaching to achieve their goal.

Finally, all global leadership interventions must be measurable and accountable on their ability to deliver lasting personal and professional skills, that enable participants to thrive and perform - not merely survive - at high levels of excellence in their global work.

Dr Skiffington's Customized Global Leadership Coach
training course...

Onsite coach training is a cost-effective, efficient, and convenient way to provide the requisite knowledge and credentials for your key people development professionals. By customizing the leadership coach training to meet your needs, you can ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page and uses the same change models and methodologies and shares the same knowledge about the latest leadership coaching technologies and practice trends etc.

The Certified Global Leadership Master Coach course content surpasses that of any comparative course -in any terms. Dr Skiffington (the course facilitator) has the international experience and track record to answer your most challenging issues and is able to facilitate hands-on learning interactions that relate to your specific leadership and cultural needs.

   "Let him who would move the world first move himself."   -Socrates 

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